Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Spooktacular Halloween Looks.

Since it's October and fast approaching Halloween I thought I'd take a step back from my Elemis product reviews and get practising all different Halloween looks.

I've thought for a while - in fact about this time last year, that special effect makeup is something I really want to go back to college to study so I've played about with it a lot this year so if any of you are a pro in that area of work, or have an interest in it I'd really appreciate your comments on my looks - good or bad!

Also, if you'd like to see how I created any of these looks let me know and I'll put step by step pictures up for you all, although that's not to say the method I used is the correct way to achieve the look, I just used what I had.

P.s apologies for the picture quality, iphones suck sometimes...

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Elemis Product; Moisturiser Review.

This little beauty here has been my saviour in recent weeks. It's the S.O.S Emergency Cream moisturiser which is ideal for people with hormonal, stressed skin. If you have a severe amount of acne you can use this on the whole face as an all purpose moisturiser, however if you just have a small breakout it is recommended that you only use it on the specific area.

The products contains lavender absolute which will help repair damaged skin and also help to reduce any scarring as well as containing myrrh essential oil which has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties in it.

This product can be used daily am & pm until no longer needed.

Next week; Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Moisturiser.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Strictly Come Dancing Bloggers Tag, created by Natasha and Rochelle at Next Route Style

I've been tagged to do this blog by the lovely Rochelle & Natasha from over at Next Route Style I've previously done tags of their's such as the I'm A Beauty Blogger.. Get Me Out of Here tag which was great so I can't wait to get stuck into this one since I'm such a strictly junkie! I also danced for 15 years of my life so I have a feeling in strictly I'd have a slight chance, although none of my dance abilities reach to the ballroom floor haha.

Like the girls I tag EVERYONE who reads this, balls in your court;

Here's the rules;

As part of the tag, please include in your blog post (normal tag points):
The sentence ‘Strictly Come Dancing Bloggers Tag, created by Natasha and Rochelle at Next Route Style'
The tag photo (above)
The list of questions
Your answers

The Questions:

What would be your outfit choice? (colour, style, etc)
Short, sparkly and purple - the more sparkly the better.

To compliment your chosen outfit, how would you like your make up?
contoured the hell out of silver and purple eye make up, big lashes and a nice nude lip - not asking for much eh?! haha.

You have the chance to have your dream hair (style, colour, length, extension, up, down etc) what would yours be?
This may sound so vein but I'd keep my hair the way it is (well when it's at it's natural colour - I'm currently blonde and not liking it) as well as keeping the length, I'd probably have a curly up do.

What would be more important to you - your make-up being flawless or your hair being perfectly styled?
Makeup being perfect, my hairs very thick and long so it usually just falls out or goes frizzy in the humidity anyway - no matter how much product is used haha.

What would be your favourite dance style? (e.g. American Smooth, Salsa, Samba, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Charleston, Rumba, Tango, Paso Doble, Waltz, Jive etc)
Ahhh, there's so many good ones to chose from. I think though either the Salsa or the Foxtrot.

What would be your song choice to dance to?
I'd salsa dance to Parachute by Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (Cole) , My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White to foxtrot to.

Who’s your favourite judge?
Bruno - I think he's hilarious, he can't control his wee outbursts.

It's themed week – who or what would you like to dress up as?
As soon as I saw this question I knew straight away what I was going to say, to scroll down to see Rochelle and Natasha's answer for it to be the exact same, I'd LOVE the theme to be Chicago, give me a bit of Cell Block Tango any day (of course the perfect song to Tango to, see what I did there).

Behind the scenes, you get to meet the talented hair and make up designer, Lisa Armstrong. You can ask her one question, what would it be?
I would ask her advice on getting work on a makeup counter.

Who would you like to win?
I'm totally backing Pixie Lott this year, I'm praying she'll do fab!

Elemis Products: Cleanser & Toner Review.

On August 19th I wrote a blog post that I was going to start writing weekly reviews on Elemis products that I had been given after being on my Elemis Face & Eyes course. Obviously it won't be a shocker to you all I didn't get round to starting the week after, and have since delayed it to now, YAY! It actually makes a change that I've finally got around to writing something I had originally planned, so unusual for me. Since then (in fact as of this week) I have been trained in the Elemis Body course so after I've completed this segment I'll move on to the body products.

As I said in my last post I'm going to start this post with two products as they complement each other. Here's all the info you need to know.

These are Rehydrating Rosepetal Cleanser and Rehydrating Ginseng Toner. 
They both target dry/dehydrated skin which at the moment is ideal for me as my skin is super dry with the cold weather coming in.

The Rehydrating Rosepetal obviously has rosepetal extract in it which soothes and rehydrated the skin. It also helps with the redness of broken capillaries, so anyone suffering from those would benefit greatly from this. It also has Lecithin within it which helps to emulsify any dirt and grime, pretty much doing what it says on the tin (on tube in this case). Intrigued? Well you'll want to know how you use it then I guess. You apply it morning and night like you would a normal cleanser, remove with damp cotton pads before going in with the Rehydrating Ginseng Toner.

The Rehydrating Ginseng Toner again obviously has ginseng extracts in it which helps combat sluggish, dull skill as well as being extremely soothing. The second ingredient in the toner is Sweet Betty Flower (that in itself would make me want to buy it, what a cool name LOL), again this helps cleanse the skin after the initial cleanse, as well as obviously toning the skin and rebalancing the skins pH balance without the use of alcohols. You would apply this after the cleanser with a cotton pad.

The cleanser goes by Elemis' "Our Promise" which means;
- No parabens
- No sodium laureth sulphate - SLS or SLES
- No DEA
- No mineral oil
- No artificial colours
- No silicones

Another bonus is that all Elemis products smell extremely lovely, and although they can be quite pricey they do work and you will always have a product that can target your concerns.

After using the cleanser and toner together daily I've saw a huge difference in my skin, I had a recent breakout on my chin which is something I rarely ever experience and I feel the products helped a lot. 

Left: Before Right: After

The pics are slightly deceiving due to crap lighting, but as you can see my chins a lot more calm in the after picture. Although that may be due to another Elemis product I was using alongside the cleanser and toner (which btw took my makeup of superbly!). Come back to check out next weeks post to see my secret weapon product for breakouts!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Elemis Products.

It's been a few weeks now since I last wrote a blog post so sorry about that. I've been a busy bee working away, if any of you follow me on twitter you'll know I recently started working in the spa at my local Hilton hotel. I've been very fortunate since starting at the end of July to have already had my face and eyes Elemis training which was amazing. I already had thought about doing a blog post on  this - but even better! At the end of my training I received a goodie bag with several Elemis products in it, so my plan is now to write a "weekly" (or try to) blog post on each product; such as what it is, it's benefits, it's ingredients, how to use it and also if I've saw any difference in my skin.

My first post will be on 2 products as they compliment each other - and there will be 6 posts in total. I hope this sounds interesting enough, you can let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Much love


Monday, 21 July 2014

Viva La Juicy Lipgloss/Perfume Combo.

Now apologies if this isn't a new thing to anyone which it more than likely isn't but I recieved a gift set which included the thing pictured. 

What is it? It's a perfume and lipgloss combo. I think it was limited edition with the Juicy Couture set and contains a nice pink coloured lipgloss at one end and viva la juicy perfume at the other - ideal for a night out. It's slim fitting so it's perfect to pop in your bag saves taking a bottle of perfume and a lipgloss. Like I said I think it was limited edition but I just like the general idea of it and think more brands should release these. I've saw like lipgloss/masacra combos but never a perfume included, and a roll on one for that matter! I know I'd definitely pick up a few if they had my favourite perfume and several colours of lipgloss to collect, who agrees?!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Life Update and What My Lipstick Says About Me.

After a substantial amount of time away from my blog I'm back - I'm now going to have a lot more free time as I'm going back to a part time job after pretty much doing a full time one, not ideal but my new job is in the beauty industry and hopefully I'll be able to write posts surrounding it in the future so look out for them. Today's post has been in the pipeline for a while I've just never had a moment to write this, or anything for that matter. Blogging was always going to be a hobby for me because I enjoy it, but when I don't post for a while it drags me down and to be honest I lack motivation to start back up again as I feel people have lost interest by now. I really need a
kick up the bum. However, here goes....

I'm fond of a lipstick or two and recently my collection has expanded, a few MAC lipsticks have crept their way in.  Although I do love a good high street lippy too! This is were I tend to pick up a few crazy colours to try out, however I do tend to revert back to the colours I'm used to. I've also recently taken a liking to lipglosses a hell of a lot so I guess I'll keep that for another post.

"Confident" Kinda Day.
This lipstick is the Viva Glam Nicki by MAC, although the picture isn't doing it any justice (I'm going to have to learn how to use my new big girl camera). It's super bold hence why it's my lippy for when I'm feeling confident - more than likely I'll wear this a lot during the summer too as it pairs well with a lot of summer outfits, it's a bit daring so only wear it if you feel brave enough!

"Glamourous" Kinda Day.
This is the Rimmel Kate in 107 - I don't suit most reds but this one is hands down a winner for me. It makes me feel I could kick ass as it ooses fun and fiestiness! I also can't complain with it's price tag. I team this on nights out on town mainly, although I sometimes team it up with a casual yet dressy outfit when going for lunch/dinner or even out shopping.

"Rebel Rock Chick" Kinda Day.
Rimmel Kate in 04 is totallu stunning. Although in this picture it makes me look like a purple lipped version of the joker I usually have to be in a very "rock chick" phase to wear this - definitely not one for wearing during the day, unless you can rock it then, I know I can't. So I usually stick to nights out when I know I'm going to be having a wild one, mind you it ends up all over my face by the end of the night making me look not so cool, but I'm pouting away like an idiot thinking I'm looking totally suave and sultry.

"Chilled Out/Cute" Kinda Day.
MAC Creme Cup - I'm totally one for scrapping my hair back on a boring day and taking a million selfies, sorry but it's true. This is the lipstick I'd sport on said day. It's cute, subtle and girly - perfect for a casual "just heading out (not)" selfie. I also feel it's quite on trend just now and is very "Kylie Jenner" although people may disagree with that. I feel I channel her when I'm striking poses though - of course mine are better though HAHA!