Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween Tag.

Three posts in a day?! WOW! Saw this a few days ago over on Tea & Post's blog, and she was tagging everyone who reads it so I'm doing the same so if you're reading this consider yourself tagged!

1. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

If you read my blog post scheduled for tomorrow (I know I'm going up in the world scheduling my posts haha) then you'll find out.

2. 1-10, how much do you enjoy Halloween?

10 - it's so strange cause my family hate Halloween but I love it!

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory?

I always remember the Halloween parades we had in primary school then coming home from school having my dinner out trick or treating and then back in just in time to watch Halloween Town on the Disney channel!

4. Have you always been a Halloween lover?

Yes I love Halloween, the only thing I don't like is scary masks I've never been a fan of those I had an actual fear of them when I was younger. I also don't like creepy Halloween music that's in the background of horror films, it gives me shivers.

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?

By planning my outfit, and the season kind of gets me in the spirit too cause as soon as Autumn hit's I know Halloween isn't far behind.

6. Favorite Halloween decorations?

We don't really decorate we've had a few pumpkins in the past so I'd have to say those.

7. Favorite Halloween/Fall scent?

Yankee Candles, not necessarily the Halloween ones though, I love the Vanilla Cupcake one all year round.

8. Favorite candy?

Hmmm, at Halloween I love lolly pops (any strawberry or blackcurrent kind) or any chewy kind of sweetie (candy) - alternatively I love a candy apple (toffee apple).

9. Vampires or Zombies?

In the sense of dressing up either or , but in the sense of preferance I prefer vampires.

10. What is your weird/odd fear?

Like I said at the start I have a severe fears of masks so I'd say that's quite weird compared to some fears that people have.

11. Last but not least, do you believe in ghosts?

I do indeed. I'd love to visit a haunted house but I'd be terrified. I believe in spirits and things too - I think I have two of my family members spirits looking over me as I can always feels their presence and can smell their scents - creepy!

British Blogger Selection.

Hi There! Two posts in the one day?! Am I feeling okay?! haha, yip I can safely say I am! I just thought I'd update you in a new wee venture that I'm involved in, which is the British Blogger Selection - this was created by the lovely Ellie over at Little Vintage CameraThe idea behind this is to get all British bloggers involed with themed posts weekly, it doesn't matter what the theme is you can take it and do whatever you want with it keeping it as simple or as severe as your heart desires!

If this is something that interests you, please get in contact with Ellie, send her a message containing: your blog URL, blog name and your first name and surname! She has a contact tab on her page where you can find her email address and then she will then get in contact with you regarding the theme for that week - I'll get my first post up tomorrow.

This would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to seeing the posts of all who get involved!

Natalie xx


Okay so if any of you all read my last post about the "Halloweek Update" you'll know why I'm only posting today, if not then shame on you!! Get back and read it haha, anyway here's a few looks that I managed to get done (I added in an extra look today). I'll just leave what I used below the picture and I'll leave you to intemperate the looks the way you like - they're easy peasy (apart from one which is slightly more in depth but I'll let you know about when you get to it).

Sexy Vampire - What I Used:
White cream makeup (or alternatively white powder)
Black eyeshadow for contouring
Black and red eyeshadow (black all over and then red in the crease)
- also use remaining eyeshadow along the bottom lash line
Black eyeshadow or black brow kit for eyebrows
Red glitter eyeliner
Black eyeliner
Black and red lipstick
Black mascara
Talc/baby powder for the hair
Fake blood (I used red lipstick though as I didn't have any at the time of this look).

Sugar Skull - What I Used:
White cream makeup (or white powder)
Black gel liner and lots of black eyeshadow
Coloured eyeliners and/or eyeshadows/face paint
Black eyeliner
Black mascara.

Pop Art Cartoon - What I Used:

White jumbo pen
Eyeliner/Face paint
Any colour of eyeshadow

Eyebrow kit (any colour)
(I'm aware this one is slightly edited to get the colouring a bit brighter)

The Bride of Chucky/Knife Victim - What I Used:

Red and Black eyeshadow (one eye)
Cream and brown eyeshadow (other eye)
Black face paint/eyeliner
Red face paint/red lip pencil
Red lipstick
Brown/pink lipliner
Fake blood.

Pencil through the Nose - What I Used:
Eyebrow kit
Bronze eyeshadow
Fake blood
Red and Black face paint and eyeshadow
A small pencil
Liquid Latex
Tissue Paper
Face wax
Nail file
(quick low down on how I done this: Had my makeup done, then washed away and dried the area's I was going to be working on, I then snapped the pencil in half, filed down the sharp edges, used face wax -unsure of the correct name- and wedged the bottom part of pencil into it, same again the the top part - making sure they were diagonal to each other, applied on ply of tissue paper with liquid latex, and built this up until I was happy with it, waited for it to dry then applied the foundation over this and blended it into the foundation I had on, I then played around with black and red face paint and eyeshadow until I was happy enough with it. I then applied some fake blood and ta da!)

I am loving taking part in #Halloweek! If you would like to get involved find the details here, you can also find drainedbeauty who created #Halloweek here. Make sure you search the #Halloweek tag on twitter to see all the other amazing bloggers taking part and see the Halloween looks they create!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloweek Update!

Okay so some of you may have noticed I've posted a grand total of 0 pictures for Halloweek, but there is a reason behind this. When I was younger I had a severe allergy to face paints and I think my brain tricked me into thinking I was suddenly cured from this since I not worn any face paint in about the last 15 years - so I used some and then, you guessed it I took a severe allergic reaction (I wish I was kidding) so do not fear I managed to get 4 looks done after going a few days without makeup so I will post all 4 looks tomorrow - all the girlies I've saw so far however have done a splendid job! Can't wait to see the final bunch.

Natalie xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

MOBO Awards 2013.

If you've yet to watch this years MOBO Awards this post will contain spoilers so please do avoid so that I don't ruin your viewing pleasure.

If you hadn't guessed by the title of this post I was at the MOBO Awards on Saturday the 19th of October at the newly built SSE Hydro in Glasgow - which for those who don't know what either is, the MOBO Awards are a music awards show that was originally based in London, but now it takes place between Glasgow and Liverpool (it switches every year) and this year it was my home towns turn, yay! It was a fun fuelled night and the place was packing with celebrities!

It was the 18th Birthday of the MOBO Awards this year so it kicked off in style at the Hydro - for those who aren't aware of what the MOBO Awards are, they are the "Music of Black Origin Awards" which were created in 1996 by CEO Kanya King MBE to help the urban music culture to get recognised in the music industry. The most famous of faces have won awards or performed during the ceremony over the past 18 years and Saturday night was no exception. Since 1996 the awards had been held in London that was until 2009 when the awards were brought to Glasgow for the first time, and then again in 2011 so it was good to have it back for a third year as we don't often get big events in Glasgow as they usually take place down in England. 

This year did not disappoint and all the big names in the industry turned up in force. We had the likes of Tinie Tempah, Naughty By ft. Sam Smith, Iggy Azalea, Laura Mvula, Rudimental, Jahmene Douglas ft. a gospel choir, Ms. Dynamite ft. Shy FX, Fuse ODG, Aluna George and then last but certainly not So solid Crew all preform for us and they all smashed it (especially the latter but that may just because I have a soft spot for Harvey haha)!!    

The winners of the night  are as shown below: Best African Act – Fuse ODG  (presented by: Eddie Kadi)

Best Album – Home, Rudimental 
(presented by: Tinie Tempah & Iggy Azalea)  

Best Female in association with Tresor Paris – Laura Mvula
(presented by: Stooshe)

Best Gospel – Lurine Cato 
(presented by: Mandem on the Wall, from E4 series "youngers")

Best International Act – Kendrick Lamar 
(presented by: not shown?

Best Jazz – Sons of Kemet
(presented by: Sarah Crawford, Dj & MOBO presenter)

Best Male –
Wiley  (presented by: Gabrielle & Katy B

Best Newcomer in association with HTC – Krept & Konan 
(presented by: Jazzie B) 

Best Reggae Act – Sean Paul  (presented by: Trevor Nelson - Dj & MOBO presenter)

Best RnB/Soul Act – Laura Mvula 
(presented by: Craig David)

Best Song in association with PRSforMusic – La La La, Naughty Boy 
(presented by: MKS - the original Sugababes) 

Best UK Hip Hop/Grime - Tinie Tempah 
(presented by: Ashley Banjo - Diversity & Kimberley Wyatt - Pussycat Doll)

Best Video in association with SBTV - La La La, Naughty Boy 
(presented by: Lisa Mafia, Jamal Edwards & Tarmac

BeMOBO Award –
The Stephen Lawrence Trust  (presented by: founder Kanya King)

Okay so it didn't let me have a proper collage to do this so I had to crate a scattered one - this is what I wore and the makeup that I used - as you can probably see from the picture I opted for a natural makeup look with a bold red lip - I also kept my outfit colour coordinated going for a cream and black look - I opted for heels as it was an awards show and we had seats near the vip so I didn't want to go casual in case I was on TV haha! But I will tell you something... NEVER again will I wear heels to a concert, even if I do have a seat ha! I'm trying to concentrate this post solely on the MOBOs and I'll maybe do a post of my makeup look a bit more in depth - so if you would like to read that please do leave a comment.Also in the post I'll include a section about my outfit - even though I'm not actually all that fashionable but I did quite like my outfit for the MOBOs haha. Even though I did end up leaving the venue in my bare feet - gross!

I'll lastly comment on the SSE Hydro as a new venue I feel it lacked severe seating in the canteen areas (which we were told was to deal with the volume of people the arena will receive through its doors) - myself and my friend, Mark ended up sitting on a staircase due to no seats being available outside the actual arena - and I sure as heck wasn't waiting outside as it was raining, we were then approached and then got given bands to enter the hospitality suite for a free trial to bring peoples awareness to it, this is where we did get seats - I feel severely sorry for anyone else in my situation who had heels on and couldn't get a seat, in this case I was super lucky but I can assure you I won't be this lucky next time round and will opt for flats, also the toilets where based on the first floor, not very convenient if you're desperate for the loo haha, but other than that slight down fall the arena is massive, the staff are friendly and helpful and the hospitality suite is beautiful if you're lucky enough to get access to it!

Anyway I've blethered on a bit tonight, hope this post was quite insightful - and remember to comment if you would like to see a post soley on my makeup and outfit.    

Friday, 18 October 2013

Favourite Beauty Products Tag.

Yesterday I was tagged by the lovely Lauren from Tea & Post how cute is that blog name btw?!) to do this tag so this is me just getting round to doing it, I was a busy bee yesterday and this morning trying to find an outfit to wear under my gown for my graduation, and oh also the MOBO awards tomorrow night - oh yeah ;)

#1 Foundation

It's so strange I own 8 foundations when I only have one face haha! But my beyond favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up - the shade I use is 100 Ivory. I love how good a coverage this gives and also makes my skin look so flawless and dewy. It's the ultimate high street (drug store) foundation in my opinion.

#2 Mascara

I really need to try more mascaras it's not something I have much of - I had a YSL one about a year or so ago that I loved but it was a bit pricey to keep going back to, so I now love L'oreal Million Lashes - in Brown (sometimes I buy black) I don't know if it's just me but even though I have dark eyelashes I feel the brown one makes them look so much longer haha - this may just be me imagining things which wouldn't surprise me haha!

#3 Blush

I'm a huge lover of Sleek blushes and at the mo. my favourite is the Rose Gold, apparently it's a dupe of NARS Orgasm but I've not tried this so can't comment but there's enough beauty bloggers out there saying it for me to believe lmao. I love the colour and with having dark features (hair, eyes, eyebrows etc) I feel I pull this off quite well if I do say so myself - it's also really buildable so you can have the lighest or darkest amount depending on what look you want to achieve.

#4 Lipstick (or any other lip product)

If you're an avid reader of my blogs you'll know by now purple is my signature lip colour (no matter what the time of year it is - wow living life dangerously) and the purple I tend to opt for is Maybelline Midnight Plum as I feel it like it last a good 2 hours before I need to top up - no word of a lie, and it doesn't dry out my lips like most lipsticks tend to do.

#5 Eye shadow

I love Broken (brown colour) and Icon (purple colour) both from the MUA Smokin Palette I like the Broken eyeshadow for an everyday natural smokey eye but I love the Icon eyeshadow just for a change - obviously not when I'm sporting a purple lip of course, talk about clashing. The thing I love about the MUA eyeshadow palette's are that they're super cheap (£4), extremely pigmented and alongside that they vary between matte colours and shimmer colours - bonus!

#6 Concealer

Rimmel Wake Me Up in Ivory considering it goes with my foundation - I don't usually wear concealer though, so in all honestly this was the first one I intentionally bought and have used regularly - what I've realised with this though as it's more good at covering dark circles than it is concealing blemishes, not that I have many.

#7 Eyeliner

Collection gel liner in Black - I feel this is super easy to apply, doesn't budge once set (I usually set with a black eyeshadow just to be on the safe side) and also if you want to blend it's super blendable. It'd totally recommend this as it's cheap as chips and works a treat.

#8 Shampoo/Conditioner

I can never settle with one brand I'm always chopping and changing so I don't really have a favourite - but just now I'm using Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner, if anything it smells amazing - the reason behind buying this is because my hair reaches my bum - I wish I was kidding, and I just wanted something to make it... luscious looking I suppose haha! So far it seems to be doing the job so hopefully it keeps it up - I'm almost ran out though and I can't seem to find this again anywhere else - if anyone that's from the Glasgow area spots this please please please let me know where you see it, thanks.

#9 Moisturiser

My favourite Moisturiser is one buy Darphin I can't even tell you the name of it because I can't remember - the last time I used it was when I was still at college - so maybe about April/May time - and you can't buy it over the counter I don't think, if so I have no idea where as I've not spoted it anywhere - if anyone can confirm this for me I'd be greatful. All I can say about it though was it smelt amazing and it was so creamy and just soaked right into my skin - my skin has never felt as good as when I was using that.

#10 Hairspray

The hairspray I use which holds my hair in place for hours is Shockwave Extra Strong Power Hold (5) it make my hair super stiff which with my hair being so long I need as if I have curled my hair they'd just fall out without this - it also smells great (I clearly have a thing with nice smells haha) but honestly although it makes my hair solid it's surprisingly easy to comb out when it comes to it, you can also get it in different streghts with 5 being what I go for - this being the strongest so if you don't like the solid no movement look you can opt for numbers 1 to 4.

I Will Tag:

Emma - The Peerie Islander.
Katrina - Beautrina.
Holly - Touch of Crimson

Monday, 14 October 2013

Random Update - "Sociable Sundays" and "Halloweek".

Okay so there's currently two things which I'm participating in, well one not so much participating in but maybe.. featured should I say? I'll tell you about both separately below..

"Sociable Sundays" 
I'm currently featuring on a page under Sociable Sundays, this page belongs to Jenna, who runs a weekly feature on her page Northern Beauty 85 under Sociable Sundays, right at this moment on time you can see my wee face on her page - what this does is let people who read her blog feature on it to help make people aware of their blogs which I think is a really good idea and I think a lot more people should start having the same if not similar feature on their blogs, and I hope to have my own in the near future as like I said I think it's a great way to help people out and get their blogs noticed.

To find details on how to participate in Jenna's Sociable Sundays click here.

next up is,

This is a feature which you can find on Emily's blog at "drainedbeauty" or over on Georgina's who she has teamed up with at "shemightbeloved" , if you haven't guessed already this feature is about Halloween and what it is, is a week long feature running up to Halloween, which you can start from the 25th if you want to do a 7 day week or start from the 27th if a 5 day week is more manageable (I'm opting for the 5 day week) and the jist of it is there will be certain Halloween makeup looks you have to carry out on the days running up to it which will be on Emily and Georgina's pages - if you want to participate you can email Emily at using #Halloweek as the subject or alternatively leave a comment on one of the girls blog posts.

Emily: drainedbeauty
Georgina: shemightbeloved

If you have any queries ask away!

Natalie xx

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Lush Haul.

So after taking my unexpected break in July my second post after coming back in the August was Lush review, which you can find here - so I thought a second one was loooong over due. I'm honestly addicted to Lush - I spend about 2 hours looking about every time I'm in the store and can't leave without buying at least one thing! So it was all fun and games when I went in to Lush on Sunday and realised the Christmas (can't believe I've just said the "c" word, that scares me) products were in so I was in for absolutely ages not having a clue what I wanted to buy (minus the Snow Fairy, I knew I wanted needed that!) I had originally planned on buying the Halloween products but I had a sniff and none really appealed to me I'm saddened to say. But after what felt like a full 24 hours, here's what I left with... (a whole 4 products pmsl). - All limited edition Christmas range, however upon looking on the lush site, they're apparently keeping Let the Good Times Roll as an all year round product, although I wasn't told this in the store, I was told to stock up due to it being limited edition, so I'm unsure what's the correct information here? (If anyone can help me please do).

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar.

I tried this for tonight for the first time - one word .. "Bubbly" literally does as it says which is what you're wanting at the end of the day ain't it? If you've read my previous Lush post (linked above) then you'll know I love the smell of vanilla - like candy, bubblegum smells (hence my love for the creamy candy bubble bar) so if like me you're a lover of those types of smell I'd recommend this bar to you! It's also nice girly colours and you get quite a lot of product for you're money, that being said the price of this is £2.65.

Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb.

This bath bomb is filled with bergamot oil so it is nice and relaxing yet stimulating with it's smell - it smells like "Honey I Washed the Kids soap" and it's to die for! The bath bomb itself took a while to dissolve (I had to help it along by crumbling it) but once it had fully dissolved my bath looked so magical. It was a lovely purple/blue colour like a gorgeous night sky and it also had a small shimmer to it resembling a glistening night sky - and to top it all off it had small confetti stars (not too many that it's messy but just enough) £3.25 for super soft skin? I think that's a bargain do you not?     

Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser.

When I was in Lush on Sunday I thought I'd have a nosey about their skin care products as it's something I've always looked at online but never in store - too many skin care products at the one time overwhelm me and I don't know what to look at first so the other day I decided to ask for help, I explained that I had quite dry skin and that I was looking for something to reduce the dryness, the girl who was dealing with me said she didn't think my skin looked that dry which was probably due to the fact I was sweating (ew, not so pleasant haha) but she got the products together which would help me combat the dryness, unfortunately for me though though the shop was severely busy and she was on the tills so she had to leave me I then got a guy to finish my consultation type thing for me, once he was finished he gave me a minute to have a think of what I was going to purchase. I decided to then buy this as I hadn't planned on buying any skin care products I just wanted information on them - but I thought this was a good one to start out with, I think what attracted me to this is the fact it smelt like popcorn (it contains corn oil) and also that it contains a small exfoliant to help with the dryness on top of being a cleanser. I bought the small 100g tub at £6.35 but I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this several times over. As far as I'm aware they're planning to keep this as an all year round product as it sells so well.   

Snow Fairy Shower Gel.

I think this is the most raved about Lush product EVER. I hadn't actually bought it before this year (yes, my first ever bottle) but I only really got into Lush products this year so I missed all the hype last year. As expected I'm in love with this, it's a "me" kind of scent, as in one that I fell in love with the second I had a smell of it. It's super girly and fruity and the scent does linger which I look for in products usually. It also has a small shimmer through it, but it's super subtle so you don't looking like a walking, talking disco ball. I now know why this is Lush's best selling Christmas product. So for those interested in this I should make you aware this product has 3 different sizes therefore 3 different prices. I bought the 500g bottle at £10.95.

There are also several products from the Christmas range I'm looking to purchase but that was all for the one day. You can find all products mentioned in this blog here

Monday, 7 October 2013

40 Beauty Questions Tag!

I've recently taken to reading to blog posts on the way home from work on the bus as it seems a lot more convienint and then at night I have another quick snoop before bed, today I came across this tag on Emma's from "The Brunette Beauty" blog and found it quite interesting and she tagged everyone in it - so I'm also going to do the same, you can read Emma's by clicking here.

How many times do you wash your face daily?
Usually the once in the morning then cleanse tone & moisturise then I usually end up having a shower or bath at night anyway which means I'm then washing my face for a second time. 

What skin type do you have? (dry, oily or combination)
It's actually combination but every so often I get severe dry patches that flake far too much for my liking so I've just had a wee sneaky purchase of "Let the Good Times Roll" cleanser from Lush, wich has a slight exfoliation to it (and popcorn smell) making it the best cleanser I've tried to date.

What is your current facial wash?
I just use water and sponge then I cleanse tone and moisturise.

Do you exfoliate?
Yeah I use "Let the Good Times Roll" cleanser which has a slight exfolation to it twice a week (then normal cleanser the rest of the week) and then I do a full body exfoliation once weekly.

What brand do you use?
Exfoliater? Lush or .. I'm sure it's a Body Shop one.

What moisturiser do you use?
RAD by Environ - contains an spf 15.

Do you have freckles?
I have a couple of random ones.

Do you use eye cream?
Nope I do not.

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
No, thankfully!

Did you ever use ProActiv?

What foundation do you use?
Rimmel Wake Me Up or M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid.

How about concealer?
Rimmel Wake Me Up or one from a palette I have with no brand name.

Do you know your undertone colour?
I actually have yellow, red and blue undertones to my skin I'm that weird, no word of a lie haha!

What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I love them but I used to think the bigger the better until recently I've went au natural on myself haha!

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yeah I did actually but I don't , tut tut! (p.s does anyone actually do this?)

What brand of mascara do you use?
L'Oreal Million Lashes.

Sephora or Mac?
M.A.C as we don't have a Sephora in the UK. 

Do you have a MAC Pro-Card?
No (sad face).

What make-up tools do you use in make-up application?
I use Royal & Langnickel makeup brushes, Jane Iredale Bitty Brow eyebrow brush and my beloved Real Techniques buffing brush.

Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
Yip I have the Dainty Doll (by Nicola Roberts - of Girls Aloud fame) eyeshadow base "Frankie Girl".

For the face?
I occasionally use Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer but I'm dying to try Revlon Photoready Primer.

What is your favourite eye shadow? (Colour or Shade)
Ohhh, I can't pick on in particular but just now I'm really liking golden colours. 

Do you use pencil or liquid eye-liner?
I like liquid or gel as they tend to stay put for longer. 

How often do you poke your eyes with an eye liner pencil?
One too many times tbh haha!

What do you think of pigment eye shadows?
They're lovely when on but just a bit of a mess putting them on in the first place haha.

Do you use mineral make-up?
I have used it as it was what I trained in when I was at college, the only thing mineral I use now is my eyebrow shadow but I have no problems with mineral makeup.

What is your favourite lipstick?
Maybelline - Midnight Plum.

How about lip gloss?
Rimmel Colorburst - Embellished.

What is your favourite blush?
Sleek Rose Gold.

Do you buy make-up on e-bay?
I've bought a eyeshadow palette and a concealer palette.

Do you like drug store make-up?
I sure do.

Do you go to CCO's? (Cosmetic Company Outlets)
I have no idea where any are or I'd be there like a shot.

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
Well I have my HND in Beauty Therapy so I have been trained in the makeup side but I'd love to do makeup artistry.

Are you clumsy in putting on make-up?
Nope, I think you can always tell if someones makeups been rushed - not a good look! 

Name a make-up crime that you hate?
-Foundation line on the neck. Enough said.  - That was Emma's answer but I couldn't have put it any better myself.
Do you like colourful shades of make-up (lipstick, eye shadow) or neutral tones?
I like both I tend to switch it up quite a bit, dark eyes neutral lip, or vice versa.

Which celebrity always has great make-up?
I always like Jessie J's makeup, or going with the obvious.. Miss Kim K herself.

If you could leave the house with just ONE Make-up item, what would you use?

Could you ever leave the house without any make-up on?
I have done but I hate it, especially in the winter as I have redness on my cheeks, well just above my jawline which resembles a rash and it looks so much worse in winter so I like to cover it up.

Do you think you look good even without any make-up on?
Hahaha no, I barely find myself "good looking" with makeup on never mind without.

In your opinion, what is the BEST make-up line?
For high end I really like Illamasqua and M.A.C or for drug store I'm all for Rimmel.

What do you think of Make-up?
I love it, and I can actually happily say it's something I know a lot about after doing my beauty course.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Illamasqua Beauty School Drop In.

Just a quick post because I'm about to start work but all UK Illamasqua counters (apart from select few, all details on website) are holding a Halloween themed beauty school drop in today, there two times , I'll be at the Glasgow one at 3 if anyones attending let me know.

Natalie xx

Friday, 4 October 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hey poppets! Sorry I've been a bit MIA recently, I've literally been busy doing nothing. So.. it's October?! That's blummin scary to say the least. I felt like I turned 20 in April I blinked and next thing I knew here was October, people don't kid on when they say "the older you get the faster the years go by" .. they do! 

Most people will be aware that with it being October, that also means that it's currently "Breast Cancer Awareness month" , this is extremely close to my heart this cause as in 2011 my beautiful Mum was diagnosed with this horrible disease that affects thousands of people each year. Fortunately my Mum survived and well and truly kicked cancers bottom (to put is as politely as possible), but as we're all aware not everyone is as lucky. That's why we have this month to raise awareness for people who have fought against and survived or lost their fight or are currently still fighting that we're behind them 100% , there is several ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness whether it be buying something that supports the cause you've saw in a local store, to holding you're own charity event or even just donating to the foundation, whether it be 50 pence or 50 pounds it all adds up and gets both the woman and men affected by this the help they need and also research into finding a cure!

A few other bloggers recently have spoken about the Nails Inc Pinkie Pink nail polish which is a limited addition nail polish, supported by Poppy Delevigne and Matthew Williamson, costing £11 (available on the Nails Inc website) and for every nail polish sold £1 goes to charity. The nail polish can be worn on the "pinkie" nail itself and for every person that does this, or sees someone else doing so they must send a picture of it to @nailsinc with the hashtag #spotthepinkie and Nails Inc will donate 10p for everyone received - look out they may even appear on mannequins nails in shop windows, so keep an eye out for it and snap away! You can find the limited edition nail polish here.

(Image from Beauty Bay)

On the subject of things which you can buy to support the cause, I've found several things you'll be able to buy on the high street, my favourites being the "Penelope Pink Tangle Teezer" at £12.50 - with £2 donation, the "Boux Avenue Carina Plunge Bra with Shorts" £26 (bra) shorts (£12) with a £1 donation from each item and I'm also loving the "NSPA Raspberry Shower and Bath Gel" £3 or 2 for £4 with a 20p donation. All these and more can be found from here , prices vary and it tells you the price, the donation being made from the item and where you can find it.

To donate, click here.

Natalie xx

(p.s always cop a feel and know what feels right and what doesn't feel right when it comes to your breasts, but do remember not all lumps are breast cancer - if you're unsure consult with your GP, or even ask them to demonstrate how to search yourself, after my Mum was diagnosed I did and I check myself regularly now when I'm in the shower).

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


As any of you that were keeping up to track with my September Beauty Blogger Challenge you'll be well aware I stopped at day 27, the reason being is I was a busy bee, also I didn't have a note of what the day 28 challenge was which sucked! My notebook literally goes 27 - 29 haha, silly me! 

Anyway, not to fear although I won't be daily blogging I have a few upcoming posts planned. So keep an eye out for them.

Natalie xx