Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My 21st Birthday Party.

I'm currently super bored so I thought I might as well take the chance of some free time to write about my 21st birthday party at the weekend. If you hadn't gathered by now I turned 21 on Saturday (the 26th of April to be precise) and I was spoiled rotten by my lovely family and friends. I'll keep what I got as gifts for another post, as well as my makeup and outfit, I'll just tell you about the day before my party and the events which took place on the day.

Friday 25th April;

I had so much to do. Nails to get done, hair to get put into rollers, my cousins fake tan to do, my own fake tan to do, my eyelashes to do and also to organise flowers for my Mum - as well as getting alcohol in for pre drinks whilst getting ready. Surprisingly I managed to fit this all in on the Friday I firstly popped into McDonalds to have a think about what I was going to do first, which turned out to be my nails - I opted for silver glitter tip acrylics, which were absolutely gorgeous - I could have done them myself but I wanted to be pampered. I then headed off to see about ordering flowers to give to my Mum during my speech as a thank you, however, I then had to detour elsewhere to order them as I didn't like the first place too much. I then went into the local supermarket to buy my alcohol, I then changed my mind and decided my big brother could buy me it and I headed off home before setting off to the hairdressers. Once I got to the hairdressers I had my hair washed and dried before being put into bendy rollers - I honestly dreaded the night ahead. I'd had the rollers in years ago and found it so hard to sleep. Before heading home I had to do a pit stop at my cousins to do her tan, I know I'm too nice haha. Okay, quick stop there then headed home plastic bag over my hair I jumped in the shower, came out and done my tan, St Tropez mousse for those of you that are wondering. I then applied SalonSystem Individual Eyelashes (almost 2 full packs of medium, and some small) then sent a few texts back and forth to friends and headed to sleep, I surprisingly slept quite good considering my roller head.

roller head - silver glitter tip acrylics.

Saturday 26th April;
IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Ahhh I'm 21! I'd literally been talking about this day for years and now it had arrived. I've always been a lover of parties so it was fun for it to be my own - although my poor Mum was super stressed - bless her. I yet again had a busy day in front of me. I headed to get my cake with my best friend Lauren, after getting lost for a good 20 minutes we eventually found the house we had to pick it up at (never trust google maps), the cake was beyond beautiful. I then headed home and started sorting out buffet stuff with my Mum, Auntie and cousin - I then had to leave that duty to go and get my rollers out at my 1 o'clock appointment - my party wasn't until half 7 but it stayed in all night long. On my way there (my big cousin dropped me off and my big brother and his best friend accompanied us in the car) at the roundabout at my house there was a HUGE sign that read "Happy 21st Birthday Natalie" with balloons on it, I was mortified. After being sprayed with so much hair spray that I was scared to be next to the candles on my cake I headed home. My big cousin and I headed up to the club my party was being held in to set up, I could have re-wallpapered the place with the amount of pictures I had of me throughout the years haha! It was then time to head home and get ready, eeeeeek! 7 o'clock arrived and my mum, dad, brother and myself headed to the party destination - nerves were making me throw long vodkas down my neck like there was no tomorrow. At last people started arriving just shortly after half 7 - woohoo I was liked after all! lmao. Sadly I wasn't as pleased with my DJ - my usual family party DJ had a wedding that night so I had to look for a replacement, he was good - but not as good as I'd have liked. However, the buffet - went down a treat and it was then time for me to cut my cake and make my speech, uh oh.. drunken Natalie and speeches don't go down too well haha - I thanked all my helpers and gave them their gifts and then a special thanks to my Mum which she recieved her flowers. In my drunken state I stated "thanks to my Mum I wouldn't be here without her" hahaha no shit sherlock. So embarrassed! But I knew what I meant, like, the party wouldn't have taken place without her help. Anyway, speech out the way I went back to dancing and drinking - another downfall is not many pictures were taken, not like me as I usually take one too many pictures so I must have been stressing too much. I then headed to a cupboard to get dressed into a different outfit - me and my friends were going to a nightclub after my party, I got locked in the cupboard and was screaming in panic, no phone in there with me but I managed to escape haha. Quick change of the clothes and then the final orders at the bar were called, then the last song came around - all my friends and family friends surrounding me and my family on the dance floor I couldn't have wished for anything more. 

the roundabout banner - selfie - me and lauren - family picture.

Friday, 25 April 2014

It's My Birthday!!!

OMG I'm blummin 21 years old! I always remember when I was younger and my big cousins were all turning 21 and I used to think "I can't wait till I'm that age" and now that age is here and I feel ancient haha! In some aspects I feel so grown up but at the same time I'm still quite immature for my age, or as I'd put it, I know how to have fun! I wouldn't change it for the world though haha.

As many of you will know I'm having a party tonight (it's should be just after 12 in the morning as I post this) so there will be a few posts up throughout the week talking about the shenanagins making up for a lack of posts last week, however there was one I had wrote but didn't get round to finishing and is still sitting in my drafts, typical of me! haha. Maybe turning 21 will make me more wise and I'll post more often haha.

This is me currently sitting with my rollers in (still need to shove some tan on in this pic, oooops) , can you tell I'm pretty excited?! haha. 

Anyway, I shall catch up with you all during the week as I'll spend Sunday in bed hungover and then I'm back at work on Monday!

P.s thank you all for the birthday wishe in advance!!

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Makeup Haul.

I had a total splurge on makeup when I went shopping with my Mum. I'm sure you will have all gathered if you have been reading my blog recently my 21st takes place next Saturday (the 26th) so I went out and bought makeup for the occasion. Not going to lie, I've never spent that amount on makeup in one day so I was a bit like "wow" , and to be fair my Mum paid the majority as part of my birthday, and also I had a £50 M.A.C voucher from my brother from Christmas, that made paying for it feel slightly better haha.

I've still to try them all out but as soon as I do I'll get reviews and what not up for you all!

M.A.C 217 brush - M.A.C Kohl Power Eyeliner, Feline - M.A.C Eyeshadows, Carbon/Embark/Woodwinked/Orb - M.A.C Vanilla Pigment - Topshop Glow highlighter - MUA Nail Polish, Pistachio Ice Cream - Tanya Burr Lipgloss, Afternoon Tea / Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick, 132 Sweet Pink /  Sleek Contour and Blush Palette.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Top 10 Youtubers (Non Beauty Related).

Back in January I posted my top 10 favourite youtubers - beauty edition, which you can find here. Today I'm posting my "non-beauty" faves. For me chopping it down to 10 was super hard so there will be a list of my other favourites at the end, the majority are all well known youtubers so pretty much all of them won't come as a surprise if your an avid lover of youtube. This time round I'm also going to say; what I like about their channel, what you should go there for - content wise and also I will link one of my favourite videos of theirs (I will do the for the top 10 only).

I genuinely think Louise is my long lost relative, it's so weird how much I see myself in her when I watch her videos, she makes me cry with laughter and her videos with her little girl Darcy are beyond cute. She also refers to her "fandom" as Sprinklerinos which is super nice. It's weird to say that although I don't personally know Louise and she has no clue who I am I look up to her like a big sister - call me a creep all you like but it's true, when she does video's on giving advice I always listen to it and find it really helps as well. If you fancy checking out Louise's channel, which I recommend mainly for severe laughing fits, I say you check out the super duper cute Q&A with her little girl which you can find here --> Click Me. Louise also has another channel called SprinkleofChatter which is also just as good, and has a blog under the SprinkleofGlitter name.

You may recognise Zoe aka Zoella from the recent issue of Company magazine, yip this wee beaut recently graced the cover that's how popular she is. Zoe's channel is usually mistaken for a beauty channel but she personally doesn't categorise it. She's best "chummies" with Louise so you'll no doubt see her pop up on videos on Louise's channel and vice versa. Zoe's channel is great for great for literally anything, but more recently hauls as she's just moved into a new house. She also has great advice videos, check out her video on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks here. Just like her chummie she also has a second channel and a blog.

Literally one of the hottest guys to grace youtube, well in my opinion. Little brother of Zoe (mentioned above). The only single one of the group so automatically 10x more attractive haha (but it does kind of help if your a Mila Kunis or Pixie Lott lookalike - which I am neither haha). In all honesty though his videos are great, they always have me in stitches with laughter. He's also an amazing singer - just check out the Youtube Boyband and you'll know what I mean. His most epic videos are his impression videos as far as I'm concerned, you can check one of them out here (skip to 2.22 and thank me later ;) then go back and watch it all from the start).

Helloooooooo (if you watch his videos you'll understand that). Marcus' videos make me laugh so much. Whether it's a Marcus video or a Margaret video they always have the same effect on me. His channel always provides great entertainment with him uploading a Mondare Marcus to it on a Monday. He's also fond of an accent video which he's rather good at (oh to have many talents, eh?!) You can watch his collaboration on "How to Speak Australian" with Zoe here (however, most of his accent videos are collabs with Zoe and most can be found on her channel).

Boyfriend of Zoe, PointlessBlog or Alfie if you'd rather is one of my favourites because first off his relationship with Zoe is super cute and also the fact he is always involved in the best collab videos ever. He can be rather dosey like myself, which makes him a lot more entertaining. His channel is not the best if your looking for a daily vlogger because that's not his forte, just watch his vlogmas to discover that haha! If I'm directing you into Alfie's channel for a good time, I say check this video out first, his recent collab with Joey Graceffa.

Jim Chapman, brother of Pixiwoo and fiance of Tanya Burr is MY best friend. I wish. Although having said that he does refer to his "fandom" as his best friends, making watching him that bit better. His videos always feel like he's directing his conversation right at you personally which I suppose most youtubers do, but him calling you his best friend at the start is the cherry on top of the cake. He has also recently been cast for a presenting spot on a new tv show called Viral Tap on ITV (UK) so look out for it. Here is a video ft. Tanya that I recommend you check out.

I cheated a bit here, soz. O2L (Our2ndLife) are a collab channel which is made up of 5 guys - who also have their own individual channels - if I had enough space in my top 10 I'd have gave a few of them a spot of their own on it, but to keep it fair I've done it this way.  They're all blummin gorgeous so are great viewing pleasure (although 2 are a bit young for me haha) along with their video content. They all have a separate day of the week to upload their own video on the O2L channel but on the odd occasion they post a 5/5 video - you can watch the most recent 5/5 video here.

The Queen of all Queen's. Tyler honestly posts the most insane videos - his own birth anyone?! haha. He genuinely has no qualms of sharing his entire life with the world, we probably know him as much as his best friend does. Regularly referred to as "Troyler" alongside Troye Sivan (below) as the majority of their fandom ship them together, me being one of they people. They are my OTP (one true pairing). When Tyler's not posting a Q&A video, or getting drunk with Sawyer Hartman he can usually be found casually hanging out with Barak Obama, yip. Trying to find my favourite video of his is proving difficult as I love them all so I'm just going to randomly put a Q&A righttttt here

The second half of Troyler (well he's technically the first half but not the way I've set them out haha). Troye with his beyond beautiful voice - no joke, check out him singing. His videos are always outdoing the previous one and his "Coming Out" video made me cry my eyes out, he's just super cute and I want to cuddle him! Don't let his cuteness fool you though, he is on point with his hilarious banter and bitching with Tyler so definitely check his videos with him out. However, I'm directing you via this video as he posted it recently and is genuinely one of the best videos I've saw in a loooooong time.

Jenn's videos are always well thought out and great to watch. She often posts Q&A videos or tags which always give you an insight to her life and you often see the O2L boys pop up on her channel as well. Her videos are always interesting to watch and although they are the same format  they are rarely the same content wise as you always find out something new. My all time favourite video of Jenn's though is this one cause it's blummin hilarious, go watch!!

Soooo that's almost it for this post - god damn procrastination, I started this at like 4 o'clock UK time and it's now almost 8, great. Also on that note - Zoe has also just confirmed on twitter she doesn't class herself as a beauty guru, check that for good timing! haha.

Lastly, here's my faves I couldn't fit in; Caspar Lee, Sawyer Hartman, Joey Graceffa, Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Mamrie Hart, Miranda Sings, That's So Jack, AmazingPhil, Danisnotonfire, Charlieissocoollike, Rebecca Black, Andrea Russett, Alexa Losey, MazziMaz, Sam Pepper, Doug and FunforLouis - there are obviously more but these are the ones I watch daily.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Illamasqua "Milf" Nail Polish Review.

I'm a sucker for a good nail polish so everytime Illamasqua have a sale on I'm in there like a shot to see what nail polishes they have on offer - normally retailing at £14.50 - I snapped this gorgeous mint green colour up a while back for £7, bargain! It has a shiney gloss finish which is beautiful, however don't let this fool you in to not wearing a top coat, I tried this out - goodbye flawless nails, hello chipped nails - never a good look. Without the top and bottom coat I didn't even get a full day out of my newly varnished claws - luckily enough for me I'd tried this out previously with a top and base coat and know that it works a treat and you can get a good weeks wear out of this. It's totally ideal for the S/S months coming in and always pretty hilarious when people ask what shade it is and you reply with "Milf" - but that could just be my immature side haha.

Grab it here.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Top 6 Concerts.

I know my plan is to blog on Tuesdays and get back to blogging about "beauty related" things more but before Tuesday comes around I thought I'd make this post after seeing Justin "Trousersnake" Timberlake live on Friday night. The night before I had been messaging Jo from Sparkle Bug after reading her post on seeing Justin live which asked at the bottom to let her know who your favourite person you've seen live was - which I then answered, but in hindsight I've saw loads of people live in concert so there's been more than 1 that's stood out to me which is where the idea of this post came from.

I'm in no way boasting about this in case you all take it that way - but I've been lucky to see realistically over 100 to 200 people live in concert - some I've saw several times others I've saw once. I mainly have my Mum to thank as she usually gets me tickets for my birthday and Christmas - and to be honest I've only saw some people as there has been about 4 or 5 times when the lineup has been more than one band or artist, having said that I've never been to a festival in my life. Also, I have quite a lucky streak when it comes to concerts as I've won concert tickets 4 times in my life - twice being on Friday the 13th haha! My big cousin was joking to me the other day saying I should be given vip at concerts now as I must be ticketmasters best customer, if only eh?!

Anyway I best stop rambling on - here are my top 6 artists/bands I've saw live and why (in no particular order);

(you will also realise I have a varied taste in music haha)

Tinie Tempah
To be honest one of my main reasons for this being one of my favourites is because he came off the stage and as I was at the very front I got to squeeze his bicep, lucky me! He really is amazing live though, he gets the crowd totally involved and a mosh pit got started during his song "Mosh Pit" which was right behind me and was insane - he then proceeded to soak us all with bottles of water, thanks for that Tinie - I appreciated looking like a drowned rat, not! haha.

This is an emotional one as I won't get to see these guys again, but I'm glad to say I managed to squeeze seeing them in 10 times throughout the years. This particular picture was taken at the Queens Diamond Jubilee Concert which I was lucky enough to win tickets too - I took my Mum and had a grand old time with her in London. To be honest JLS are my favourite band still and at 20 years old I still fan girl over them. I genuinely loved all their songs and know them word for word - so sad that I'll not see them an 11th time (anytime soon anyway). 

Although it doesn't look like it we had an amazing place in the crowd for this one too - not as good as front barrier place but still quite good considering. I knew when Eminem returned to Glasgow I had to go see him, sold out crowd and still managed to get tickets, woopwoop. Of course he pulled it out the bag and done an amazing performance - expected no less - however the only thing letting my viewing pleasure down was the drunken/drugged up idiots surrounding me who constantly wanted to start fights - back off you freaks! Other than that (oh, and almost fainting) I had an amazing night with my big cousin and one of my best friends and if you ever get the chance to see Eminem, I'd advise you grab it with both hands, although maybe not in that environment. 

Professor Green
Okay quite a random one for most and those not from the UK if you aren't aware who this is he is a rapper from London. I'm obsessed with Professor Green I could tell you anything you wanted to know about him it verges on creepy haha! He is a bit of a bad boy and has been reffered to as the UK version of Eminem - which I couldn't disagree with any more if I tried - I love them both but I hate the comparison, they both do their own thing and do it well. The thing I love most about Mr Stephen Manderson (his real name) is that he raps about his life and helps you relate to him, his lyrics are a story and trust me I bet everyone of you could find one you could relate too. Sadly he's touring in Glasgow in May and I can't go so will need to sell my ticket (let me know if you would want to buy it) - I'm instead heading off to see McBusted in Manchester, how very different - but I've saw Professor Green roughly 8 times now so missing him once I can deal with.

Yes this is how close I was to her, oh my, oh my. Unsurprisingly she performed amazingly. Not only did she sing to perfection but she also put on a crazy ass acrobatic routine and had all sorts going on throughout, as well as dancing on par with her dancers. I'd definitely go back in a flash to see her - although I'd do seating thing time round, she had about 5 support acts and we stood for over 6 hours - hello sore feet! I was in awe by her.

Justin Timberlake
Okay I definitely couldn't miss him out - Jo wasn't kidding when she said how good he was, she said she thought he'd blow Pink out the park but I still can't say - they were definitely on par though. He sang, he danced, he played piano, he played keyboard, he played guitar as well as doing a few cover songs - I was in awe, although our seats weren't that close to the stage we had a great clear view - although my iphone camera fails to show that haha! I got these tickets as part of graduating and I couldn't have asked for a better graduation present - he deserves all the success he has. Flawless is an understatement. Oh, and me and my cousin also managed to grab a selfie with Justin's DJ! Claim to fame haha.

Who's been your favourite person to see live? 
Or who would you really love to see?
Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

#2014BloggerChallenge - Week/Day in Pictures.

Apologies for the picture quality in some of these, stupid iphone and zooming doesn't help matters either. Last two weeks I have been a busy bee so I didn't participate in the challenge for food week. This weeks theme if you hadn't guessed by the title is Your Week or Day in Pictures - I've made a collage of a range of pictures from my past two weeks and picked out the exciting parts which I'll fill you in on below.

First Row

Pic 1 - This is baby me, obviously not taken this week hahaha but it's a photo of a photo which I did take because I'm collecting old pictures of me for the hall my 21st party will take place in.

Pic 2 - I made my facebook invite for my party, woop woop - exciting times, only 23 days as of today.

Pic 3 - I attended the Scottish Beauty Show where I purchased a few things, this was me trying out the "Lipogen Lip Plumper" - review to follow.

Pic 4 - I saw my best friend Lisa and her baby girl several times the past few weeks, how cute does she look after falling asleep on her Mummy, my favourite wee dolly!

Second Row

Pic 1 - This was at my friend Mark's 21st in his house, we're heading out on Saturday night to town for a knees up, I can't wait! I love when it's Mark's birthday as his falls exactly a month before mine.

Pic 2 - This was at my friend Lisa's 21st (not the one with the baby), I went with my Mum because our Mum's are friends and it was a great night, my legs killed me the next day from dancing to "Proud Mary" - I swear you get a full work out dancing to that!

Pic 3 - Of course it was Mother's Day also so I had a girly day with my Mum and we watched Frozen, she's my best friend in the entire world and such a wee beaut! Genuinely don't know what I'd do without her.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Capture the Moment.

I've came to the conclusion Tuesday's would be the best day for me to post as I don't tend to do anything on a Tuesday and as I said last week I'm going to start posting regularly, so hopefully I'll stick to my word and have a post up on a Tuesday, who knows I maybe even pre-plan a few. Today I thought about what I could make my post about before I get back into writing beauty related posts and then something clicked in my mind that inspired me to write a post on capturing the moment.

Looking through old pictures for my 21st has made me realise I need to start taking more pictures and getting them printed off - I used to constantly have my camera on me and in one night out I could easily take over 500 pictures on my camera, and then disaster struck, my camera broke! That was over a year ago and now I use my phone, as much as I love my beloved iphone it's not quite the same feeling. Everyone counted on me to have my camera with me at parties and now on my 21st I'm going to have to rely on my poxy phone to see me through the night (although I'm sure my Mum will have her new one with her). Looking back on old pictures makes me laugh, a lot. The memories come rushing back and all of a sudden your back being 8 (or whatever age you would have been in the picture) all over again. 

I must admit I think I get my love for taking pictures from my Mum, when trying to find pictures for my 21st I was in my Mum's room with all the pictures on her massive bed and there was easily over 2000 that I looked through from when my Mum was a baby right through to last year - they aren't in any order so I genuinely had to look through them all to find the ones I was looking for, and I'd hate to be the person who eventually gets round to putting them in order.

(source: google)

As well as laughing my head off I must admit I shed a few tears when looking through them - it's hard seeing people in a picture when all you want is to see them in person, even for one last minute. That's another reason I love the thought of capturing the moment, life's too short so when you can snap away whether it be with friends, family, a partner or even strangers you bump into on a night out with friends, because when they're gone you'll always have the picture's to look back on, were when you do you'll go back to that moment and remember everything right down to how you felt, what the smell was, how the weather was that day, everything! and for that moment of looking at the picture I can assure you, even if you're not a lover of getting your picture taken, you'll be grateful for having it took at that exact moment.

Although I'm fond of a selfie, I'll make sure I get loads of proper pictures at my party and get them posted, 25 days and counting! 

My task for you? To go and snap a picture or even better, write a blog post alongside a picture explaining the memory from the picture and link it to me in the comments!