Thursday, 29 May 2014

What's On My Phone?

Had this post in my mind for a while now and as per usual never got round to doing it, so whilst im bored I thought I best get round to doing it after having taken the screenshots a few days ago.

My lockscreen - myself and friends at our college prom last year;

The usual apps;

Catagories I made - Social Media, Blogging, Music, Games and Finance; 

Utilities was already there but I added in the train app cause I'm always on trains;

Social Media - to keep up to date with everything and everyone lol;

Blog related apps I use;

Music - radio stations and youtube;

Games - all fun to play when boredum strikes - I can't pick a fave;

Finance - this folder makes me
feel so grown up haha;

That's literally all I have on my phone - must be interesting enough cause I'm never off the blummin thing! lol.

My 21st Birthday Gifts.

I swear this is my last birthday related blog post - it won't be a long one anyway, but I'm certain you are all bored of hearing about it by now - I'm in no way trying to boast about what I got, I just thought I'd share with you the treats I received and got spoiled with on my birthday, to be fair - it's not every day you turn 21 is it?!

Alchohol ..

and lots of it haha...

Perfume - both so fruity and amazing!

Gorgeous jewellery - nice and sparkly the way I like it,

How cute is this charm, gorgeous pressie from my best friend!

Biys and bobs, currently munching the ferrero rocher as I type this haha.

Daily reminders that I'm 21 haha - getting old.

I also got a boxset sent to me full of Lush goodies, and of course plenty of money which is well and truely gone haha.

Again (although they won't see this) a big thank you to my family and friends who spoiled me rotten an celebrated my day with me, I love you all! 


Monday, 19 May 2014

My 21st Birthday: Makeup.

Okay so not the best of pictures showing my makeup off and sadly I don't have any better than this - that are close up anyway. My dress was peach so I was quite unsure of what eye colour to go with so with a M.A.C masterclass and £99 down later I had my eye makeup - bronze colours it was! 

On the day I mixed 2 foundations, my M.A.C studio fix and Rimmel wake me
up to get the perfect colour, which I put on over my Revlon photoready primer. I also used my concealer/highlighting and contour palette to conceal and contour - I then used Topshop Glow highlighter on my cheeks, cupids bow and down the centre of my nose, I then powedered it all in place with my Sleek contour kit, and used the Rose Gold blusher within the same palette. I then moved onto my eyes. I carried out a bronze smokey eye -  with black gel eyeliner on my top lashline and pencil eyeliner on my waterline with a bit of black bronze eyeshadow underneath for a sultry look. I applied Maybelline the falsies mascara to my bottom lashes and I had already put on individual lashes on the top lashes. I moved onto my eyebrows which I used my Jane Iredale eyebrow kit on, then a clear brow gel over afterwards. I then highlighted the brow bone with a M.A.C pigment. I then powdered the entire face lightly with Rimmel powder. Last but not least I used a Maybelline lipstick (not pictured) in a peach colour, with Tanya Burr by Eyecandy lipgloss over to give the perfect pout.

The makeup and brushes used;
(All brushes are Real Techniques and Royal & Langnickel)

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

I'm Still Alive.

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog so badly recently from being busy with party planning to working constantly to going to Manchester for the weekend I've had literally no time at all when I do get a break I'm sleeping, typical. I have several posts half written, the posts being "My 21st Party Makeup" , "My Birthday Gifts" , "The Day Zero Project" and I've still to start a post on how my trip to Manchester - so yeah I'm full of great ideas and they are all in the works I just can't seem to find the time to get round to finishing them but I promise I will soon, you have my word. Pinky promise lol.

See you soon lovelies!