About Me.

Hey Lovelies! I'm Natalie, and apparently you've stumbled across "my world" - I'm a 20 year old beauty therapist from a wee place just outside of Glasgow (or Glesga to the locals HA). I'm currently job hunting so I've started this blog in the hope of curing my boredum and just really to have a wee "chin wag" , "gossip" , "blether" , "talk" , whatever one would like to call it.  

My blog will be mainly beauty based - aka, reviews, fotd, swatches, and if you have any ideas I'll also consider them etc, however, the odd random post will be thrown in for good measure (I just can't help myself sometimes). Things you may see on the off chance are: gigs, dvds, random days out, pictures, and just my feelings at the time whatever they may be - there will also be a few nail posts every now and again cause I'm a lover of long talons and do my own now and again.
Anyways my love! I hope you enjoy my blog and if by any chance you need to contact me just drop me a wee message via the comments or you can get me over on twitter; @nats_93 where I'll be sure to reply!

Love, Natalie xx

p.s you can also follow me on pintrest; natalieturleyx , or over on bloglovin' where you just search for my blog name.

Small update - Since writing this I've got myself a job in a call centre so I try and fit my blog post around work, hence why I'm always skipping days when doing monthly challenges and what not. ---- new update - I'm now working in a beauty salon! ---- new update - I've left my job in the salon so currently job hunting, again. ---- new update - I'm working in a cafe these days after the summer is over I'll hopefully find a new beauty job. Still trying to fit blogging around full time work is a killer.

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