I would just like to state all views/opinions given in this blog are 100% my own and I am speaking from my own experiences upon using the products which I will be speaking about. However, if I happen to influence you into buying products which I speak about and they work for you then all is good! I know I have went out my way to buy products which I have saw reviewed by other bigger names out there in the blogging world and some have worked for me and some haven't done so quite as well but it's all about trial and error! I would also like to state not everything needs to be high end - the majority of the products I will speak about will be high street / drug store products which I find just as good, if not better than some dearer products on the market.

Also, the products that will appear in my blog are all products I have bought with my own money and if otherwise I will mark with an asterisk* , I am always willing to try out new products however I will be nothing but truthful whilst giving my opinion on them. Also since I have just started out blogging I have not recieved anything from pr/media etc, and as soon as I do (if I ever do that is) I will update this immediately so you are all aware. Any links that I have linked already in my blog aren't affiliate links and if any do become affiliate links, again I will make you aware of this.

I would also just like to state that all pictures on this blog are my own and if otherwise I will credit the person who took the picture. If you would like to use any of my pictures for your own use, make sure you either credit me or make me aware that you will be using it as it would be nice to know.

Love, Natalie xx

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